Veterinary Care and Boarding

Caring for the pets of Hackettstown and beyond!


We provide compassionate care during every single visit.

No one loves your pet as much as you do, and part of that love is making sure they receive the best veterinary care possible. You can help us deliver it when you prepare for routine checkups, know when there’s an emergency, and follow up after your pet’s appointment.

Everything your pet needs under one roof.

We see more than just cats and dogs—we also see small critters like ferrets and hamsters, birds, and exotic pets like snakes. It doesn’t stop there. Whether your pet needs veterinary care or a fun place to stay while you’re away, we’ve got everything they need under one roof. Be sure to learn more about our services by clicking the button below.

Hills To Home Program

Hills to Home allows for you to ensure that your pet receives the high-quality dog or cat food they deserve without leaving your home. This is a great option for our clients whose pets need their prescription pet food.

The Enrollment Process
Step 1: The Enrollment process begins when you complete self-registration. You will immediately receive an email letting you know that your request for home delivery is being reviewed by us.

Step 2: In conjunction, Hackettstown Animal Hospital will immediately receive an email alerting us that we need to take action, i.e. pull, view, the patient’s file, and determine if the pet is eligible for a Therapeutic or Wellness diet?

If approved, one of our team members will log in to, Selects “Create a Nutritional Plan,” Selects pet/patient, and creates the nutritional plan for that pet according to the Vets recommendation. Creating a nutritional plan completes the Enrollment process.

Step 3: After the Nutrition Plan is created, you will receive an email alerting you to log onto, to shop for the plan and set up a subscription so that the right food for your pet will be delivered right to your door.


We have been bringing our cats to HTAH for over ten years now and are very happy with the quality of care and kindness our little babies receive at every visit! Many thanks to all the vets and staff for their consistent professionalism and caring spirit!
Tiffany N.

I love Hackettstown Animal Hospital. The staff is great and the doctors love animals they are always so kind and gentle with my fir baby Buttons.
Madge B.

Love this place been a while since I been here but I will never have nothing bad to say their staff are always super nice. And they are great with pets . Thank you for being such a great vet hugs.
Susan C.

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