Winter is coming, and with it comes a host of hazards for your furry friend. Check out the following tips to keep your pet safe and warm during this chilly season.


#1: Provide warm bedding for your pet

Give your pet a warm spot to sleep that is away from drafty doors or windows. Refrain from using space heaters since your furry pal can get too close and burn themselves, and ensure they can’t reach your fireplace, no matter how welcoming the warmth is.


#2: Bathe your pet as little as possible during cold winter months

Bathing your pet too frequently strips away protective skin oils, causing them to scratch and damage their skin. Spot clean your pet if they have an accident or roll in something smelly, and opt for a moisturizing shampoo. Ask your veterinarian if omega-3 fatty acid supplements would help your pet’s skin.


#3: Pay special attention to your dog’s paws when they go outside

Your dog’s paws take on a lot when they head outdoors in the winter. De-icing salt, chemicals, snow, and ice can tear up your pup’s paw pads, and they also can be vulnerable to frostbite. Protect your dog’s paws by putting on properly fitting dog booties or slathering a thick layer of paw wax on their pads before they head outside.


#4: Prepare for a potential disaster

Below-freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions can knock out power and freeze water lines, leaving you and your pet cold and without adequate supplies. Prepare for a potential winter disaster by stocking up on your pet’s necessities, including food, water, and medications, and choosing a pet-friendly backup shelter.


#5: Schedule regular wellness visits to understand your pet’s limits

Your pet should see their veterinarian at least annually to ensure they’re healthy and capable of handling frigid conditions. Cold weather may worsen some medical conditions, like osteoarthritis, and a pet’s cold tolerance can vary based on their age, coat, body fat, activity level, and general health.


Monitor your pet’s health to ensure they can tolerate chilly winter conditions by scheduling a wellness visit with our team.